1) Because the dances are danced in a circle, and the flow moves in the circle, there is no problem of people running into one another.

2) We teach (and encourage) the men to lead, but they don’t have to lead because the lady also hears the cue and knows how to do her part.

3) Some people have trouble hearing the beat in the music.  If the man will execute the cued figure right after the cue is given, he won’t be very far off from the beat.

4) There are no amalgamations (sequences of figures) to memorize in Round Dancing.

5) Round Dance Instruction and Dancing is considerably less expensive than most other forms of dance instruction.  Throughout most of the country, the cost varies between $5 to $15 per couple per night for an evening of dancing.

6) If you know how to Round Dance, you will automatically know how to Ballroom, and can therefore go to any Ballroom dance activity, as well as any Round Dance activity.

7) Competition is not a part of Round Dancing, We dance to have fun and enjoy our friends.

8) At the upper levels, many of the Round Dance instructors are trained by some of the best International & American ballroom teachers/competitors in the nation.

9) You can Round Dance in every major city and in many small citiies in the United States, and in many foreign countries, ALWAYS in English.  For example, Round Dancing is very popular in Japan.

10) There are many Round Dance clubs that dance at various levels (beginners through advanced) , and various special dance events throughout the year that are most enjoyable.

11) Round Dancing in taught by two instructors – a male instructor for the men and a female instructor for the women.  The result = faster learning.

12) Round Dance instructors use advanced Teaching Methods , that normally are not used by most other instructors (see right-side panel for more information on this).

by: Dance Round Out Your Life (www.DROYL.com)